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Frequently asked questions

Below, you will find answers to some questions that we are very frequently asked.

What is NUVI Releaf?
NUVI Releaf is a new brand with an awareness of sustainability that sees it as its duty to bring innovative materials onto the textiles market in order to reduce the harmful effects of leather and plastic on the environment.
Where is the head office of NUVI Releaf?
In Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
What products does NUVI Releaf make?
At the moment, we are producing two versions of the innovative material Releaf for designers and companies. Additional versions are in the pipeline. In addition, our subsidiary, Nuvi Nomad, will be manufacturing products of its own, such as bags and wallets, and offering them for sale in the near future.
Do you have any job vacancies at the moment?
Yes, we are currently looking for a whole host of inspired employees to help us on our way. You can find more information on this topic on our Jobs page.
What is Releaf and where is it produced?
Releaf is an innovative vegan material made from the leaves of the tobacco plant that looks and feels very similar to real leather. It is made in Germany. However, some of our raw materials come from controlled, certified suppliers in France, Brazil and the USA.
Does the material contain animal products or toxic substances?
No, it is free of toxic substances and animal products. In addition, 95% of the natural nicotine contained in tobacco is washed out during the production process. The rest is not released during normal use of the products. Nevertheless, we would advise against chewing or sucking on our material – but we would not advise you to do that with products made from real or artificial leather either.
Is Releaf already available to buy?
We are currently preparing to go into production. For sales enquiries, please contact us via office@nuvi-releaf.com.
Are there any products already available that are made from the material?
We are not yet producing our alternative to leather in large quantities, but because we are as critical as we are passionate, we regularly produce small test products such as wallets for quality control purposes. If you would like to use it for your own production, please contact us via office@nuvi-releaf.com.
How much does Releaf cost?
We go to great lengths to ensure that Releaf Essential and Releaf Heritage remain affordable despite their very high quality level. That is why we offer a range of versions to ensure that there is something there for every purpose. For specific enquiries and prices, please contact us via office@nuvi-releaf.com.
Is the material water-repellent?
Yes, it is water-repellent.
How can Releaf be processed?
Essentially in exactly the same way as leather. Releaf is intended for use as a high-quality replacement material for leather in the textile, fashion and interior design industries.
What is the difference between Releaf and conventional leather?
Our material is a cellulose product that is based neither on animal protein nor on PVC – which ensures a better environmental footprint. Unlike real leather, it does not lead to an increase in methane gas emissions or the slaughter of millions of animals, for example.
Are Releaf Essential and Releaf Heritage ecologically degradable?
Yes, they are biodegradable. The degradation rate depends on the external conditions to which the material is exposed during the decomposition process. We are currently carrying out detailed testing in order to obtain more precise information on this.