LEAF FOR LIFE. The plant based leather alternative.

Our Releaf material

Your next generation feel good material

Imagine enjoying your classic leather product with a green and clean conscience. Using only finest, sustainable and fair traded raw materials NUVI creates a vegan leather surrogate completely crafted in the EU. Ensuring a transparent supply chain. Thinking about circularity? We work hard around PU and PVC! Our Releaf leather is 100% natural and biodegradable. It let’s you save massively on your CO2 footprint while it is a real pleasure to work with.

NUVI Releaf

Reinventing leather: sustainable and fair-trade.

The company NUVI Releaf stands for aesthetic sustainability. As an innovative material producer, we marry quality, scalability and our unique aesthetic to meet highest industry standards. All sustainable, fair trade and cruelty free.

Nina Rössler, Founder of NUVI Releaf:

We are offering a positive leather alternative that meets the demand of a growing number of conscious consumers.